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October 2013 Wine Club

Welcome back to you that have been ducking our summer heat in climes more temperate. For those that have not yet returned, you have a chance to get ready-see the 'Upcoming Events' page of the site for the November wine club get-together.

Our October wine club meeting brought the first (and very much experimental) Merrill Ranch Wine Club Shuffle (details below). We welcome ideas that we might incorporate into the shuffle for next year-don't be shy.

The Merrill Ranch Wine Club Shuffle

We tried to get everyone moving this month by spreading our wine tasting out into 6 stations around the room along with 10 wine trivia questions. The idea was for everyone to 'shuffle' around (we thought scampering was something best left to our kids) tasting, identifying wines, and answering the trivia questions in no particular order.

Some minor chaos ensued as we spread out around the room. There were 6 wines to taste and identify-and a list of 7 wines to choose from. A few clever folks figured out that the tasting notes provided for the wines included only 6 varietals and were able to eliminate one. Others noticed that we had a white wine in the tasting and were able to figure out which grape variety can only be used for making white wines (Chardonnay).

Here are the 6 wines:



And The Trivia Questions:
(x marks the correct answer)

1. Lodi is a wine region. But where is it?
a. Chile
b. New York State
c. Uruguay
xd. California

2. The barrels used for ageing wine are commonly made from which wood?
a. Teak
xb. Oak
c. Pine
d. Spruce

3. Which country has never been affected by the Phylloxera louse?
a. Hungary
xb. Australia
c. Chile
d. USA

4. Who is The Wine Advocate?
a. Paul Masson
b. Perry Mason
xc. Robert Parker
d. Rumpole

5. Tiny crystal deposits in white wine are probably:
a. sugar
xb. tartrate
c. egg white
d. isinglass

6. A synonym for the grape Nebbiolo is:
a. Barbera
b. Dolcetto
xc. Barolo
d. Spanna

7. Which one of the following grape varieties is one of the 6 permitted by law in a red Bordeaux wine?
a. Zinfandel
b. Pinot Noir
c. Nebiollo
xd. Carmenere

8. About how many calories in a 5 ounce glass of dry wine?
a. ca. 50 calories
xb. ca. 100 calories
c. ca. 200 calories
d. ca. 400 calories

9. Which wine grape variety is the most widely grown in the world?
a. Grenache
xb. Cabernet Sauvignon
c. Chardonnay
d. Syrah/Shiraz

10. How many gallons of wine are in a single barrel?
a. 35
xb. 60
c. 125
d. 25 0

And The Winners Are...


And Some of Our Other Wines…


Your Typically Wonderful Nosh…


And Most Importantly, The People Who Make it all Great!!!


Until Next Time…

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